Super World Interview Time: Mats Persson from Woods End

Mats did an interview a few days back. Here it is, along with some kind words from SWIT!

super world indie tunes

photo by Johan Vall

Woods End has just released their second LP, titled “II” (apt). It’s a beautiful piece of Swedish Americana. The songs are graceful, skillfully crafted and played, and suffused with sadness. Their music has a stillness and a timeless quality that sets it apart. The band say they draw “inspiration from the landscapes of the Swedish north….and bring stories from where the daylight fades, and the long nights begin. Where the woods meet the shores, and the winter tells of tales uncovered in the snow.” Sums it up pretty well for me, they remind me a bit of early Big Country in terms of tone/mood – say tunes like “The Storm” or “Porrohman”.  I do feel that us inhabitants of the Northern European fringes share an ancient connection and understanding that comes through in the music we make (then again I could be talking bollocks), anyway –…

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