New music in a few days!

On Friday, our new single ”Missing Piece” will see the light of day. We’re really excited to share this with you all!

The single itself will actually be two songs. Missing Piece is a brand new track, and will be accompanied by a recording we made back in 2013 called ”Säivis”. The name is taken from the place where we made the recording, which is a small village up north close to the Finnish border, where we spent a few days without much sunlight. It has a really moody feel to it, and some of the sounds on it are not of our making. Those old houses do have a character of their own!

The plan ahead is to continue releasing new songs as often as we can. We have a few in the making, and the recording process is moving along nicely so far.

Since we’re releasing music primarily on Spotify, make sure you hit the ”Follow” button on our artist page there, and you will get the new tracks as soon as they’re out!


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