New teaser: Pickaxe

Well, we promised some new music and it is on it’s way!

In a few weeks we’ll be releasing our new single, “Pickaxe”. Until the full track is out, here’s a little teaser:


We’re also working on several other new songs, and we’ll keep the updates coming! Be sure to check this space or social media, and let us know what you think about the new stuff.


// Woods End

More music soon!

Hello there!

Thanks to everyone who showed up in Umeå last Saturday! A short set, but it felt nice to try out some of the new material live for the first time!

Speaking of which, we’re about to have some of it ready for release soon! We’ll make sure to keep you all posted, as we’re really excited about the new stuff!

We’re also working on more live dates, and hope to see you soon on a stage nearby!

// Woods End

Vinyl put on hold

Hello everyone!

We’re sad to announce that we have to put the vinyl edition of II on hold, at least for the time being. Things haven’t worked out the way we wanted to, and for now we need to focus on the new stuff that’s about to be released!

For those of you who have signed up for a pre-order, will remain on the list unless you, of course, ask to be removed. Any payments made to us will of course be refunded. With that said, the vinyl will be made, but it may take longer than we’d hoped for. We’ll keep you posted on this as soon as we have any news!

To end this post on a happy note: we’ll be playing live in about a month! We’ll be taking the outdoor stage in Döbelns Park, Umeå, june 15th at around 19.00 for a half-hour long set with both new and unreleased tracks as well as some good old ones. The whole day is arranged by Sensus Umeå and the park will make a great venue. Hope to see you there!

New music in a few days!

On Friday, our new single ”Missing Piece” will see the light of day. We’re really excited to share this with you all!

The single itself will actually be two songs. Missing Piece is a brand new track, and will be accompanied by a recording we made back in 2013 called ”Säivis”. The name is taken from the place where we made the recording, which is a small village up north close to the Finnish border, where we spent a few days without much sunlight. It has a really moody feel to it, and some of the sounds on it are not of our making. Those old houses do have a character of their own!

The plan ahead is to continue releasing new songs as often as we can. We have a few in the making, and the recording process is moving along nicely so far.

Since we’re releasing music primarily on Spotify, make sure you hit the ”Follow” button on our artist page there, and you will get the new tracks as soon as they’re out!


Missing Piece

Well hello there!

Last weekend went down in a snowy mayhem for most people in Sweden, but for Woods End it set the scene for a great recording session.

Just a few metres from the Baltic Sea, in a grand old house in Hälsingland, we set up the studio and it turned out great! We’ve completed drums and bass for 5 tracks as of now and the first one of these is a tune called “Missing Piece”.

The song is now about to be mixed and mastered, and we are all excited to share this with you! The plan ahead is to release a couple of songs from the fortcoming EP, and then the new thing in it’s entirety. Hopefully, you’ll like it as much as we do.

Apart from that, the cover for the vinyl is being put together, and soon enough we’ll be ready to hit that “Order” button.

Stay tuned folks!


New music on the way!

Last saturday was a real treat, thanks to all who came out to see us!

The holidays are marching closer, but we’re working on new music, and have added a new song to our live set. The song, along  with more new tracks, is being recorded and we plan to release it in early 2019! The vinyl is finally coming together as well, and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience. The end result will be worth the wait! Keep checking this space for updates!

We will be adding live dates for next year, and hope to see you all at the shows!

Until we do, have a merry one and a happy new!

Photos by Johan Vall


Live at Pipes!


Droskan, Umeå
Photo by Johan Vall

Thanks to everyone who showed up last friday at Droskan!

A special thank you to the good people at Sensus who put the show together, and to Johan Vall for making us look less troll-like on camera!

We have another live date coming up,  so if you missed us this past weekend we do hope to see you on Saturday the 15th of december at Pipes of Scotland, Umeå!