Missing Piece

Well hello there!

Last weekend went down in a snowy mayhem for most people in Sweden, but for Woods End it set the scene for a great recording session.

Just a few metres from the Baltic Sea, in a grand old house in Hälsingland, we set up the studio and it turned out great! We’ve completed drums and bass for 5 tracks as of now and the first one of these is a tune called “Missing Piece”.

The song is now about to be mixed and mastered, and we are all excited to share this with you! The plan ahead is to release a couple of songs from the fortcoming EP, and then the new thing in it’s entirety. Hopefully, you’ll like it as much as we do.

Apart from that, the cover for the vinyl is being put together, and soon enough we’ll be ready to hit that “Order” button.

Stay tuned folks!


New music on the way!

Last saturday was a real treat, thanks to all who came out to see us!

The holidays are marching closer, but we’re working on new music, and have added a new song to our live set. The song, along  with more new tracks, is being recorded and we plan to release it in early 2019! The vinyl is finally coming together as well, and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience. The end result will be worth the wait! Keep checking this space for updates!

We will be adding live dates for next year, and hope to see you all at the shows!

Until we do, have a merry one and a happy new!

Photos by Johan Vall


Live at Pipes!


Droskan, Umeå
Photo by Johan Vall

Thanks to everyone who showed up last friday at Droskan!

A special thank you to the good people at Sensus who put the show together, and to Johan Vall for making us look less troll-like on camera!

We have another live date coming up,  so if you missed us this past weekend we do hope to see you on Saturday the 15th of december at Pipes of Scotland, Umeå!

Some updates (finally)!

Photos by Johan Vall

Hello everyone!

It’s been almost 6 months with radio silence, and we do apologize for that. But, we have been lurking about in the dark waters this summer, making plans.

We do have some upcoming shows, and will post more info about these as soon as they are confirmed dates. If you have a venue in mind that you’d like to see us play, send us a message!

Unfortunately, the vinyl edition of our second album has suffered some delays. We do have all the pre-orders noted, and will update you all as soon as the issue has been resolved.

Furthermore, we have are about to start writing some new material as well! At this point, we’re looking at releasing an EP sometime during the winter. We don’t know exactly what direction it will take, but it will most likely be something fitting the darker part of the year.

More news coming soon!

// Woods End

Our influences

We’ve made a little playlist on Spotify with some of our influences. It’s a work in progress, and we’ll try to keep it updated. If you’ve wondered what we might be listening to, this could give you a hint! You can find the playlist via our Artist Page on Spotify, or by clicking here!

Russian review (now translated!)

A few days ago, we received a review written in Russian over at VK. As Google Translate can only help out to a certain degree, we called out for help. Luckily for us, Anya Ayonova came to our aid. A huge thank you for this, and thank you to Mr Easy Slow for the kind words!

Here is the review:

The second album of the young and little-known Swedish band Woods End, which does not make up to the canon standards. Musicians do not follow the traditional way of the neo-folk genre (especially German): you will hear no exalted and cold manner of singing; you will find neither minimalistic sounding, nor any kind of appealing to the abstract European values, archetypes or concrete historical events in the lyrics. In fact, whichever way you look at this record, it does not fit within the determinate scope of the genre.

Perhaps, Woods End should not be even fitted into these rigid and unforgiving frames of genres and tags and there are more than enough examples of the music, which cannot be clearly classified. For example, such bands as The Owl Service and The Hare And The Moon, that for all their external features of the psychedelic folk-rock heritage, certainly belong to the neo-folk scene. As a matter of fact, it is no coincidence that these British artists were brought up. How organically they looked in the Dark Britannica from Cold Spring! Clearly Woods End would have fitted organically into such concept as well, though it should be noted that the Swedes sing not about Albion, but about their homeland, despite the English-language lyrics.

Their music comes close to the hymns of Dark Britannica by the almost physically sensible love for nature, heritage and folklore of their country and land. This is a love of a special kind, apolitical, which has nothing to do with the nominal term of patriotism with its “us” and “them”, specified by borders on the map. Woods Ends songs are not only about Sweden; they express their feelings for the whole Scandinavia, so to say, an indivisible environment closely derived by a common culture, history and a completely unique philosophy and outlook, which is, to a certain degree, due to the special magic of Scandinavian nature.

The elusive aesthetics and inward composition perception are certainly the most important components of the album, but it also must be said a few words about the music itself. What lies before us is a rich and instrumentally deep folk-rock, sometimes reminiscent of Ulver, sometimes tend towards the psychedelia of the already mentioned The Owl Service and sometimes progressive rock in its modern sense can be heard as well. With all that highly significant material it is filled with catchy and almost pop-musical rhythms (I cannot get rid of the Chris Isaac analogy in the track Myling). It should sound spectacular on live performances (and I would like to see their visit to Russia one day).

In the end, however, there is a fly in the ointment. The album is way too short; it is hard to tell the difference between one song and the other and moreover… But you know what? Screw all that! The record came out brilliant and wonderful, no fly in the ointment whatsoever. Definitely must listen.

“There’s an ancient magic at work here…” – Belwood Music

James at Belwood Music had a listen to our song Lanterns/Allhelgona, and wrote some really nice words about it! Thanks James!

There’s something special about bands that capture the very soul of their homeland, whether it’s Americana artists embodying the sparseness of the desert or surf rock bands sharing the playfulness of the waves. Swedish band Woods End are one of the finest examples of this that I have ever come across. With ‘Lanterns/Allhelgona’ they paint a scene of the frozen north at twilight. The sparse folk arrangement conjures an image of somewhere isolated and at the mercy of nature, the harmonies rise and fall like they are echoing across the frozen expanse for only the mountains and forests to hear. The haunting melancholy of this track has a timeless feel, like it has been shared by the fireside for as long as there have been people to sing it. There’s an ancient magic at work here, as this song draws you in and you find yourself never wanting to leave.

To listen to Lanterns/Allhelgona, and the rest of our new album, click here!