Super World Interview Time: Mats Persson from Woods End

Mats did an interview a few days back. Here it is, along with some kind words from SWIT!

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photo by Johan Vall

Woods End has just released their second LP, titled “II” (apt). It’s a beautiful piece of Swedish Americana. The songs are graceful, skillfully crafted and played, and suffused with sadness. Their music has a stillness and a timeless quality that sets it apart. The band say they draw “inspiration from the landscapes of the Swedish north….and bring stories from where the daylight fades, and the long nights begin. Where the woods meet the shores, and the winter tells of tales uncovered in the snow.” Sums it up pretty well for me, they remind me a bit of early Big Country in terms of tone/mood – say tunes like “The Storm” or “Porrohman”.  I do feel that us inhabitants of the Northern European fringes share an ancient connection and understanding that comes through in the music we make (then again I could be talking bollocks), anyway –…

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Americana UK: Myling

The good Jonathan Aird at Americana UK took a listen to our track “Myling”, and had this to say:

“Taken from their new album ‘II’ this atmospheric track is very typical of Woods End who exhibit a far too precise English Folk feel for a band that hails out of Sweden.  Much of the album was recorded in a summer house and makeshift studio by the Baltic Sea, with the guitars and vocals added at several different locations (including a rehearsal space, a sauna and a record shop), the album taps into the darker side of Americana – spectral doom laden landscapes abound.”

To give Myling a listen yourself, click here!



New album track list

With just a few days to go until our digital release of the new album, it’s time to reveal the track list.

The album consists of 8 songs, all of them with a reoccuring theme depicting the passage of time, and how not all that’s left behind wants to be forgotten.

The Mountain

Sea Haar Bound

Heart of Wood

Orchards and Barrows

The Mooring




The pre-order for the vinyl is still open! Click here to read more!

New album digital release!

banner new album fb
In a little more than a week, the digital version of our new album, II, will be out in the open!
The pre-order of the vinyl edition is still open, and by march 2nd, orders can be put via Bandcamp as well!
The digital release will include streaming via Spotify etc, and downloads of the album in high-quality via Bandcamp for the odd price of 56 SEK.
Keep an eye out, more info to come!

Vinyl release info

Ok folks, a couple of days back we announced our plans for the first ever Woods End vinyl. The price is now set, as well as the details, so here it is!

The price is set to 180 SEK + 20 SEK for shipping within Sweden.

As we mentioned before, the first press will be limited to 250 copies. The album itself will consist of 175 g heavy records with full colour labels, and a gatefold cover sleeve (4-sided) with some stunning artwork by Leif Å Larsson. Of course, black inner sleeves are included, as well as outer shrinkwrap.

The first 50 pre-orders will receive something special from the band. Who knows, maybe it’s a “Dawda live solo performance” in your living room? Three locks of Nils’ beard? A drumstick?

In any case, it’ll be worth it! To put down your pre-order, send us a message here, or a mail to

And, if you’ve read this far, hit that “share” button and spread the good news!

Good news!

It’s been a long time in the making, but our second album is now finally finished!

We’re really excited about this one, and look forward to sharing it with you all. More importantly, we’ve decided not to limit ourselves to a digital release but to press vinyls. It’s going to be something really special, and therefore we’re starting up a pre-sale of the album!

So, if you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the first 250 copies of the first ever Woods End-vinyl, or know someone who might be, send us a mail to

Stay tuned, more info to come!